Good. | Vivant.

This is where I dump the stuff I like.

I love my life and all that its given,

its not been easy its not been forgiven,

its been filled with pain,

its been filled with loss,

but thats not the focus,

thats not the cost,

its about learning,

its about friendship,

its about family,

its about help,

its about giving to others,

not worrying about yourself,

its about doing the things that you truly want to do,

its about love,

its about always staying true.

Let’s be honest, Our instagrams aren’t the whole truth. We come here and brag about how much we’re doing, with who, and how important it is. We somehow neglect to document the filler (and it’s all filler_ - the boring parts, the lonely nights, the walk of shame, the morning breath, the hours lost watching bad Netflix. ┬áNo, on Instagram, we’re all endlessly interesting and driven, philosophical dreamers, serial lovers, doing everything right with the everybody, all of the time.

The whole truth is that Instagram is everyone’s personal highlight reel. Don’t be confused or misled by the spotlight - after the scenes ends, we all return backstage to the common thread of mundane habits. // All the world’s a stage, and al the men and women merely players // Plus, if Instagram was telling the full truth, wouldn’t it just show us scrolling through Instagram all day?